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I am the new owner of #97, still in original configuration as far as I can tell. There are no other boats around to look at and I would welcome pics or suggestions on deck layout-nothing radical, just simple and efficient. Will be sailing on an inland lake and will miss out on the heavy air, surfing capabilities, but looking foward to phrf racing (blasphemy I know). Might also be in the market for used spin, #2 jib. Thanks for any help, Rick

Hi Rick, Welcome to the

Hi Rick,

Welcome to the fleet! Give me a call and we can talk about the Moores.

Scott Sorensen


Well, let me throw the hat

Well, let me throw the hat in the new owner ring, too. Last May I took possession of hull no 140, Moxie, from Joe Davis. Joe now has balance issues and can no longer get on or of the boat without assistance. Getting Moxie is bittersweet. I'm thrilled to have her but it also means Joe is losing her. He was sad to see her go.

Moxie is now at her new home at Rush Creek YC in Heath, Tx. Just east of Dallas on lake Ray Hubbard. RCYC has a very active sailing membership
as well as an active junior program to bring in new sailors.

The wind in east Texas can blow like the dickens and we've had her up on plane surfing downwind when others wouldn't leave the marina.

We are the only Moore at the YC but the reputation precedes her. Upon arrival she became an instant celebrity.

Glad to be a part of the Moore 24 fleet.
John Pitkin
Greenville, Tx

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