2014 Whiskeytown Regatta - Winner's Report from Gruntled

The coolers are clean, the mast is back up and we are getting set for the ditch... yeeehhaa!

The report from Whiskeytown is that we had a great time. 12 boats and sunny with chilled-out camping. What could be better?


2014 Santa Cruz Regatta - Winner's Report from Banditos

20 + knots and a few big cold Santa Cruz waves in the face welcomed us to our pre start practice on Saturday, these are the conditions the Moore 24 was built for. It had been awhile since we had last sailed in this stuff so the call was made to put the beer down and pay attention. Race one began after the start was moved closer to the beach. We rounded the top mark right on the heels of first few boats not sure who it was but someone up front went down hard as a puff came through. We were able to set clean, find a big wave get up on a plane and gybe first, this turned out to be the key to the first two races for us. Race three saw boats going right off the start line make out huge Lowly Worm stretched out to a big lead in this race. Exciting sailing, spectacular wipeouts made for a great day, hats off to all those willing to go forward of the mast in that stuff.

2014 Santa Cruz Regatta #2

Hello Moore 24 Sailors,

Please register early for the Moore 24 Regatta so we may plan for a great event! Great PRO,awesome prizes & trophies, fun parties! Let us know if you need help getting your boat to the starting line.


We also need local Moore 24 fleet members to help volunteer to make this an epic event, which will earn you extra points from the wind gods and earn a scout merit badge. Even an hour of your time will be greatly appreciated.

Speaking of what a little help from your friends can do for you -
Thanks to awesome crew Scott Nelson (Lowly Worm), Dave Josselyn (Moorgasm), and Bart Goodell, Nobody's Girl finished 2nd in the SCYC Commodores Regatta this month.

Sydnie Moore

2014 Doublehanded Lightship - Winner's Report from Snafu

Trachy anchored in the ebb before the start, at the pin end of a long starting line (GGYC), as far out in the bay as he could, knowing that getting out in the heavy ebb was the strategy. Combined with a puff that didn't seem to reach the rest of us, he eeked out a big head start in the otherwise zero breeze at the start (ebb + easterly = 0). It filled in from the west eventually, seemingly about an hour later. Gilles (on Snafu with me) almost lost it in the light air, where either tack, on the same heading, seemed to be justifiable. Mooretician got stuck between some barges... ahem... 30-footers... and worked hard to catch up later.

Trachy and Snafu went for the strong ebb on the southern side, Mooretician stayed north. They both seemed to work. We all headed too far north past Bonita and ended up reaching down to the lightship. Mooretician caught up a bunch by tacking over to that starboard reach before Trachy and us - all pretty close at this point.

Built to a solid 20-25 out there, we all did bald-headed peels to the #3 in potato patch waves, with 5' troughs off the back sides making it all very interesting. We even threw in a reef for a while.

2014 Santa Cruz Regatta

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Santa Cruz Regatta is right around the corner and Syndey Moore and Dave Josselyn, and a whole raft of folks at host SCYC have been hard at work to make sure this is going to be epic. Please see Sydney's email below with details, including NOR and link to online signup.

In addition to the regatta details (note lawn camping) note also that after racing Saturday we are working on complementary adult refreshement, and the awarding of a number of prestigous prizes for the following:

- biggest spread between best and worst score of the day
- oldest sail used
- youngest crew member
- oldest crew member
- others TBD

Prizes will be highly sought after Moore 24 swag.

Dinner will be available at SCYC Saturday night as well, and the bar will be polished and ready for your elbows.

As always, couple other general points of business:

2014 Doublehanded Farallones - Winner's Report from Mooretician

The 2014 edition of the Doublehanded Farallones race read much like a good story: it had a tricky beginning, interesting middle and an unpredictable end.

The beginning was all about timing the ebb tide "drift" to the start line. Four of the six Moores executed this maneuver successfully - two others were not so fortunate. Our next challenge was to make the most of every whisper of breeze to ensure we cleared the South Tower. Once at the Gate, we were met with an 8 kt westerly with 3 kts of residual ebb that carried us on our way to the Farallones. Sea conditions were a little confused as we cleared lands end but really settled down once we were beyond the SF approach channel.

(El Prez Note: link to pictures from the first 2 miles of the race (or, alternatively the first 2 hours) below)


Which leads us to the middle part of our story. We weren't even at the halfway point to the first mark when the wind dropped to about 1-2 kts.

2014 March 07 - 'Lectronic Latitude - Webb Chiles Update

Latitude 38 has featured Webb Chiles before — the intrepid singlehanded sailor and author has circumnavigated the globe five times under sail and is now in the final stages of preparing for an epic journey around the world in his flush-decked Moore 24 Gannet. We caught up with Webb in San Diego this week to get the latest info on his sailing plans, boat preparations and departure.

An eternally youthful Chiles beamed with pride of ownership and enthusiasm for his little grey Moore 24 as he showed off all of the unique mods that he’s done to make Gannet more suited for long-range solo sailing. Starting at the bow, Webb’s installed a removable carbon-fiber bowsprit for use with a furling assymmetrical spinnaker. Working sails consist of a roller-furling jib and user-friendly mast track and reefing system. Powered completely by flexible solar panels mounted flush to the deck, Webb's boat has opted to rely solely on electric tiller pilots and does not carry a wind vane. Things are kept just as minimal and tidy down below, with the stock Moore 24 layout of two pipe berths and two mini nav stations.


2014 February Wrap Up

Moore 24 Fleet,

I hope this finds everyone well. Since Mother Nature has taken this winter off in California, I trust everyone is busy with boat projects and getting ready for spring. Couple updates for the fleet:

2014 Rob Moore Regatta - From Leslie Richter

I’m so pleased that the Moore 24 Fleet has put the 2nd Annual Rob Moore Memorial Regatta (Robgatta) on to their season schedule. I would like to make a personal invitation to the fleet to come out on February 15th for full day of activities. Racing will be followed by beer and pizza on the deck; an extraordinary speaker panel including John Craig, Stan Honey, Sally Lindsey Honey, Kurt Jordan, and Dee Smith; silent and live auctions; and a buffet dinner.

2014 Rob Moore Regatta

The Rob Moore Regatta is a first time event for the Moore 24s, and is very near and dear to the fleet's heart for several reasons. Rob Moore was a tremendously influential member of the West Coast sailing community. He served as the racing editor of Latitude 38 for many years, and his writing, humor and insight inspired many of us to go out racing.

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