Equipment and Rules Survey Results 2011

Modifications to Moore 24 Survey Results

Question 1
Carbon Tiller
Cosmetic 43%
Advantage 16
Ok if same wt 41

Thoughts on the carbon tiller: The open transom boats already need a weird tiller, there is no clear opinion, only 16% of respondents think there is an advantage.

Question 2
Carbon Fwd Hatch
Cosmetic 32%
Advantage 32
Ok if same wt 36

Rules/Equipment Survey 2011

Hello Moore 24 sailors...

Using the email addresses of the Moore 24 owners, the Yahoo Group site,
the moore website and the old telephone are all things that I
probably should have done a long time ago but... Please select the
likely correct answer:
A/ I was doing gel-coat work,
B/ I decided to get a West Wight Potter to sail all by myself,
C/ Simon you are just a lazy bastard!

Anyway, did you notice that this was put to you in the form of a
multiple choice question? This is a tool that I think will work

Annual Moore 24 Party and Verutti Family Fundraiser

Dear Moore 24 Family,

i am writing to remind everybody that the annual Moore 24 year-end party is coming up soon. It will be held at Santa Cruz Yacht Club November 19 at 5:00. For those who have not been to a Moore 24 party in Santa Cruz, it is always a great time.

This year's event is particularly special for the fleet. We will be hosting an online auction with the proceeds benefiting the Verutti family. For those who have not seen the auction website, I invite you to check it out here

Dolphin Cup 2011 Photos

Here's a link to some photos from the 2011 Dolphin Cup!

Notes from Simon 9-6-2011

Congrats to Aaron Lee and Kim Stuart on Crazy Eights First to Finish in the Gracie and George!

Congrats to Conrad Holbrook on Topper II who kept some very fast boats at bay over the weekend's Jazz Cup.

Next on the agenda is the Monterey Peninsula YCs Dolphin Cup, September 17-18. Should be a fun time with a ton of interest. Signup ends Sept 12 so do the right thing!. The informal delivery race from SC harbor to Monterey leaves at 12:00 on Friday.

Moore 24 Tee's and Posters will be available at MPYC. More info at

Dolphin Cup 2011

The next Roadmaster event is tne Dollphin Cup at Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club, September 17-18. Here are links to the racing page, the NOR, and SIs:

Nationals-CGOD Videos 2011

The Gorge Delivered 2011

"If you didn’t come here expecting to spend $500 on repairs,” yells Ian Beswick, “Get out of my way!” 23 boats made the attempt at this year’s windy, exciting and challenging Double Damned Race - “Fear and Loathing in the Gorge.” With 23 crazy boat owners and at least 3 times more than that of crazy crew members this race has brought together some of the West Coast’s most brilliant sailors...

More at:

Nationals-CGOD Report 2011

Morgan Larson and team Bruzer win the 2011 Moore 24 Nationals!

Top 5:
Bruzer- Morgan Larson
Adios - Scott Walecka
Banditos - John Kernot
Gruntled - Bart Hackworth
Ruby - Steve McCarthy

For complete results click the Race Results link!

Intergalactic Rage Fest

This is it! The time of year that sailors, boats and families flock to the little sleepy town of Cascade Locks, Oregon for some amazing events put on by the small sailing group known as the Columbia Gorge Racing Association.

more at:

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