Singlehanded Farallones Report 2011

Three Moores made it to the start line with two making round the rock, I started with a # 3 and full main, reefed at Bonita just before the washing machine started. On the way out at some point I heard a bang that wasn't comforting but couldn't see any thing wrong. It was only when I gybed under the Rock and was shaking out the reef did I see the goose neck was only partially attached. Nothing really could be done but hope it didn't tear off completely.

3-3-3 Race Report 2011

The 3-3-3 thing at the fine Belvedere cove anchorage was a great success. If you missed it there will always be next year. Here are some pics from Karl and some video from Jenny on the Flying Tiger... and it is great! Thanks to everyone for making the event a fine success.

Joel Verutti Memorial Fund

As many of you know, a fund has been established to assist Tina and Josselyn with current and future financial needs. Donations may be made to the:

Joel Verutti Memorial Fund
Acct # 051002517
Santa Cruz County Bank
7775 Soquel Dr.
Aptos, CA 95003
Attn: Alexandria Gonzalez, Service Manager

DHF Report from #85

I want to thank my crew Larry Gamble. Larry and U sailed this race a few years ago on the 154 and had been looking forward to another go. Our story has a few players. Bar-ba-loot,Banditos,Mooretician and a few container ships.

Moore Swag @

The Moore Swag store at has seen some awesome support in the few days it has been open, Thank you! Remember that items are marked up 5% and that money will be going to the Verutti's for the foreseeable future.

For those of you that have made a purchase, please send me a review of what you think of the product and graphics to - I would like to hear about what you like, don't like (and hopefully I can fix something you don't like).

Thanks again to all of you,

Spring Keel 2011

Fifty-three boats from six classes showed up for the 2011 edition of the Spring Keel Regatta at St. Francis. This year’s edition was to be a four race regatta (reduced from 5 or more in past years) sailed between Saturday and Sunday. The forecast called for 5-10 out of the NW on Saturday with clear skies and SE 10-20 with rain for Sunday. Saturday arrived with a light Easterly blowing and at the skippers meeting it was decided to postpone on shore and wait out the NW fill.

It's 2011 - Time to Pay Your Association Dues!

In order to be scored in Roadmaster Events you must pay your dues in advance. $50 for California/Nevada owners, $35 for other owners. Note that all drivers must be members of the association.

You can use PayPal or mail a check. Click on the Dues link under Class Info.

Thoughts for the new year…

January 29th is the Three Bridge Fiasco, the first of the Roadmaster Series and an event that the Moores always seem to do well at. Perhaps it is the sheer volume of Moores on the line that assures us a good showing or perhaps it’s that the boat is well suited to a shorthanded race where anything will happen! The Moore is such a sweet little beast that and in many way this race typifies just how much fun a simple boat can be. I still remember that year when Lowly Worm pulled it out! All you need is a partnership, a total of four hands, and you are ready to go.

Classic Speedster

Simon has put in a new order for the Classic Speedster T-Shirt. They will be available at all upcoming Roadmaster races, including the Gorge. The bargain price is just $10 a shirt.


Accessing the Class Directory

You may have noticed that your old logins and passwords don't work with the new web site. The Class Directory continues to show boat and owner information, but association members will need permission to access that area of the site.

To do so, you must first go to the User Login section (lower left side of the home page) and create your own username and password. Then, send me an e-mail ( with your username. If you're a current member of the association, I'll give you access to the Class Directory. Simple as that!

John Siegel, #77

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