2014 Pacific Cup - Final Update from SNAFU

So the last few days were challenging with satphone communications, so I accumulated three entries, including our last one upon arrival. Thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement.


Well, we jibed too late off of our northerly route. We checked for a weather update a little too late and found we had already blown past the ideal jibing angle. We tried to carry the reaching kite, but were not going to be able to aim at the island. So we shifted down to the Jib Top sail. It can point closer to the wind, but it's not nearly as fast as a kite. We carried that all night, and it cost us. We lost 15 miles to the competition in one fell swoop.

300 miles to go, and 150 until we converge with Green Buffalo and Blade Runner. From there it will be a drag race to the finish. We'll surely come in behind those guys, but BR has to beat us by 7 hours, and GB has to beat us by over 16.

ETA is now 4:15am PST on Monday morning, and we'll have the remnants of tropical storm coming into Oahu from the southeast on Sunday: lots of rain - maybe we can use the goggles we brought!


2014 July Latitude 38 Cover Shot

Hey look, the Moore's made the cover of Latitude 38! Get your paper copy or read it here: http://www.latitude38.com/ebooks.html#.U7xGv41dVD4

Photo by Leslie Richter http://www.rockskipper.com


2014 Pacific Cup - Event Website and Tracker

Absinthe and Snafu started the Pacific Cup on July 7.

Follow Dan & Tony and Karl & Gilles and wish them well!

Tracker Link: http://paccup.info/track.html
Main Event Website: https://www.pacificcup.org


2014 Pacific Cup - Absinthe and Snafu

Dan Nitake is perhaps familiar with people’s reactions, at this point. When he tells others he’ll be racing from San Francisco to Hawaii in a Moore 24 keelboat, he often gets the response one might expect.

Sometimes, even, from the other competitors in the race – the ones whose boats are nearly three to four times larger.

“Well, they think we’re nuts,” Nitake, 58, said with a laugh. “And, to some degree, they’re right.”

The sailing inexperienced – and the seasick and the impatient and the claustrophobic, even – need not apply. The Santa Cruz (CA) skipper Nitake and his navigator Tony English will be one of 55 sailing teams competing for the Pacific Cup beginning Monday – but just one of two in a Moore 24, a 24-footer that is so small it’s not, at least on Nitake’s vessel Absinthe, equipped with a proper toilet.

Gilles Combrisson and Karl Robrock of Northern California will compete aboard Snafu, the other Moore 24 entered in the event’s two-sailor Iwi Doublehanded Division, which includes several Santa Cruz 27s.


2014 Ditch Run - Winner's Report from Morjito

Morjito’s Ditch Run

Well, that was unexpected!

After coming off a lackluster performance at Whiskeytown (which was a blast nonetheless) we were ready for a little Ditch Run Redemption. Actually, I should explain that the desire for Ditch Run Redemption started in 2010 when we brought Morjito down for what turned out to be a largely upwind Ditch. At about 11:00 PM on that race, frustrated by the prospect of a post midnight finish, stressed out by our one-year-old daughter waiting with her grandparents at SSC, we pulled out a paddle in a moment of near zero breeze. DSQing ourselves, we managed to get in a few strokes before the breeze filled again and we proceeded to sail to the now irrelevant finish line. Earlier in that race we had been somewhere in the middle of the pack when we skipped mark 19 (never bring a charting GPS) and only realized the error when we crossed tacks (yes, still going upwind) with another boat who informed us of the error about ¼ mile up the course. Well, at least we got to do SOME downwind sailing that year while untying the string…


2014 Whiskeytown Regatta - Winner's Report from Gruntled

The coolers are clean, the mast is back up and we are getting set for the ditch... yeeehhaa!

The report from Whiskeytown is that we had a great time. 12 boats and sunny with chilled-out camping. What could be better?


2014 Santa Cruz Regatta - Winner's Report from Banditos

20 + knots and a few big cold Santa Cruz waves in the face welcomed us to our pre start practice on Saturday, these are the conditions the Moore 24 was built for. It had been awhile since we had last sailed in this stuff so the call was made to put the beer down and pay attention. Race one began after the start was moved closer to the beach. We rounded the top mark right on the heels of first few boats not sure who it was but someone up front went down hard as a puff came through. We were able to set clean, find a big wave get up on a plane and gybe first, this turned out to be the key to the first two races for us. Race three saw boats going right off the start line make out huge Lowly Worm stretched out to a big lead in this race. Exciting sailing, spectacular wipeouts made for a great day, hats off to all those willing to go forward of the mast in that stuff.

2014 Santa Cruz Regatta #2

Hello Moore 24 Sailors,

Please register early for the Moore 24 Regatta so we may plan for a great event! Great PRO,awesome prizes & trophies, fun parties! Let us know if you need help getting your boat to the starting line.


We also need local Moore 24 fleet members to help volunteer to make this an epic event, which will earn you extra points from the wind gods and earn a scout merit badge. Even an hour of your time will be greatly appreciated.

Speaking of what a little help from your friends can do for you -
Thanks to awesome crew Scott Nelson (Lowly Worm), Dave Josselyn (Moorgasm), and Bart Goodell, Nobody's Girl finished 2nd in the SCYC Commodores Regatta this month.

Sydnie Moore

2014 Doublehanded Lightship - Winner's Report from Snafu

Trachy anchored in the ebb before the start, at the pin end of a long starting line (GGYC), as far out in the bay as he could, knowing that getting out in the heavy ebb was the strategy. Combined with a puff that didn't seem to reach the rest of us, he eeked out a big head start in the otherwise zero breeze at the start (ebb + easterly = 0). It filled in from the west eventually, seemingly about an hour later. Gilles (on Snafu with me) almost lost it in the light air, where either tack, on the same heading, seemed to be justifiable. Mooretician got stuck between some barges... ahem... 30-footers... and worked hard to catch up later.

Trachy and Snafu went for the strong ebb on the southern side, Mooretician stayed north. They both seemed to work. We all headed too far north past Bonita and ended up reaching down to the lightship. Mooretician caught up a bunch by tacking over to that starboard reach before Trachy and us - all pretty close at this point.

Built to a solid 20-25 out there, we all did bald-headed peels to the #3 in potato patch waves, with 5' troughs off the back sides making it all very interesting. We even threw in a reef for a while.

2014 Santa Cruz Regatta

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Santa Cruz Regatta is right around the corner and Syndey Moore and Dave Josselyn, and a whole raft of folks at host SCYC have been hard at work to make sure this is going to be epic. Please see Sydney's email below with details, including NOR and link to online signup.

In addition to the regatta details (note lawn camping) note also that after racing Saturday we are working on complementary adult refreshement, and the awarding of a number of prestigous prizes for the following:

- biggest spread between best and worst score of the day
- oldest sail used
- youngest crew member
- oldest crew member
- others TBD

Prizes will be highly sought after Moore 24 swag.

Dinner will be available at SCYC Saturday night as well, and the bar will be polished and ready for your elbows.

As always, couple other general points of business:

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