Offshore Boat Prep Day

March 16th, 9am - 2pm @ RYC dry storage, we’ll be holding an ‘Offshore boat prep day’. Informal, collaborative boat prep day. Get anything you still need on order and come as prepared as you can. Scheduled 3 weeks before DHL (two weeks before DHF if you’re up for it), so there’s still time if needed.

Offshore prep writeup here

VHF setup: we will gladly help you wire yours up if it’s a first time install and you need some pointers, Fleet has all the tools and any supplies, wires, crimps, fasteners, can be picked up locally at KKMI. In a nutshell the only ‘mechanical’ installation required is a fix-mounted VHF. The rest is gear you can simply purchase. If you have sailed offshore before NCORC existed, you have just about everything already.

Please RSVP via slack if you plan to be there! Looking like a dozen Moores should make it this year.