2019 3BF by Karl Robrock

Great battle in the CCW direction with each of us leading for periods. We footed from it to south Hampton to steal the lead from 66. Then out of the distant past comes 85 who went really high after the Berkeley pier and SMOKED us by a 1/4 mile at RR.

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December 2018 Update from GANNET by Karl Robrock

GANNET only sailed 1700 miles this year.
I checked back to see what I wrote to you a year ago and I did what I said I might do then.
In January we sailed from Marathon, Florida, to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, covering 500 miles in three days, including GANNET’s best noon to noon run of 185 miles.

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Fish Out Of Water by Karl Robrock

Moore 24 gathering at Misfits Flat on September 7, 8, and 9.

Lester Robertson and Mary have 3 manta twins, and 4 Manta Singles singles, along with 4 other Fiberglass French landsailers for the use of all.

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The 42nd Annual Moore 24 Nationals 2018 by Karl Robrock

Moore 24 Nationals in Hood River, Oregon, one of the most consistently windy places to sail in our country and if half of what is written above is true one of the most fun and active towns you can imagine.  A sailing venue I always think of with a little trepidation in the weeks before – why are going here

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Mooretician Strikes Again – 2018 DHF by Karl Robrock

When boats get spread out on the racecourse and you lose sight of your competition, you never have a true sense of your standing in a race.  It’s not until you see the results posted that you find out how well you really performed.  That’s how the DHF was for us and the end result was better than we ever thought.

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2018 Big Daddy Wrap Up by Karl Robrock

The forecast was ugly early in the week. Rain and more rain. We certainly need it but on a Roadmaster weekend? The skiers in the crowd were certainly stoked!!

John Gray aboard Immoral was on his home turf defending his dominating 3 Bridge win. Local hotshots Banditos, MooreWave*Ohs, and Vaughn Seifers dusting off Flying Tiger were lined up to give a master class in sailing the Circle.

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2018 Three Bridge Fiasco Winner’s Report by Karl Robrock

It started out with all things going the "right" way. We had carved out a tiny block of time on Friday afternoon to prep the boat, which included spending an hour trying to fix existing (“I swear they worked 6 months ago!”) running lights, before giving up and buying the last set of tape on junk from West Marine just before closing time.

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Moore 24 Nationals 2017 by Karl Robrock

Holy bejeezus that was good times! My affinity for the little old Moore 24 is no secret and her infamous beginnings not with standing she’s proven to be a boat that brings together some serious fun loving people. I mean seriously, who would have thunk that a sailor that ruined a good mold burning party by stealing the mold would end up making modifications to this remarkable boat that turned it into an unparalleled inshore and offshore platform that over 40 years later is still capable of taking a serious beating for 3 straight days while bringing together sailors that are more like family than on course rivals.

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Big Sur’s Big Blast by Karl Robrock

"We were in some deep shit" Says Gilles Combrisson, who was sailing double handed on the Moore 24 Snafu with Karl Robrock in this years Coastal Cup, a modified version, some 204 nm from Monterey to Santa Barbara.

"We got into it early, just south of Point Sur, with winds in the med to high 20's with big puffs in the 30's. It was grunty" Gilles adds.

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Sonny Sails the Fiasco by Karl Robrock

My sailing partner, Don Teakell with Pineapple, was being a good dad this year, attending his son Jack’s 7th birthday celebration on Saturday, so couldn’t sail the Three Bridge this year. Since he was being a good dad, I decided to be a good dad too and take my nine year old son, Caleb (also known by his father as “Sonny”), with me.

He was actually a little gun shy about sailing on the Bay after experiencing 30 knot gusts and seeing another boat get smacked down by a whale in the Santa Cruz regatta

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